Let Your Light Shine

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I know how if feels when your body fails you, when you feel stuck, when you just can’t break through the prison that your mind has created for you. I understand your pain when you say, “I used to be so fun. I used to have so much energy. Where did the old me go?” […]

Emotional Baggage

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We move into each new year with lofty goals or resolutions; a list of all the things we want to give up, add in, or change in our lives. Most of us start off strong, we go the gym, eat more fruits and vegetables, or give up sweets. How are you all doing so far? […]

Happy New Year!

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2017 brought much healing for me. For the past three years I’ve been suffering from migraines (up to five times per week), depression, fatigue, insomnia, digestive issues, and hypothyroidism. I healed slowly through food. By paying attention to my body, I cut out foods that didn’t serve me anymore. Those three years were frustrating and […]


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The first time I looked into my own eyes in the mirror—I mean really looked eye to eye with soul driven deep connection—and said to myself, “I love you,” I cried. Tears were streaming down my cheeks. A visceral reaction ran through my body from my throat to my feet; that flight or fight feeling, like […]

Finding Comfort in Change

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2018 is only 35 days away, so I’ve been spending some quality time reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the new year. Do you make resolutions? Do you set annual goals? If so, do you stick with them? Or does it all fade away within a couple weeks? I let a few […]

Discomfort and Growth

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With great internal growth comes great internal discomfort. How many times in your life have you felt that…something…uncomfortable in your own skin…that itch from deep within…? You know the feeling. It comes from deep within in knowing the path you must follow, the things you must do, but that voice in your head won’t back […]

Kindness and Grace

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When someone opens up to you about her fears, struggles, and internal demons; instead of judging, offering unsolicited advice, boasting about how great your life is, or seeing her as weak for the decisions she’s made, I encourage you to listen with your heart. Hold space for her to be her authentic self. Be the […]


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Procrastination is a powerful way for us to remain comfortable, to stay small, to stay quiet. We procrastinate for so many reasons: fear, laziness, perfectionism, or stepping into the unknown and not knowing what the end result would look like. Whatever the reason, we’ve all been there. I’ve wanted to start writing like this for years—from […]